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Residents frustrated and concerned by ETX intersection


A serious crash sent five people to the hospital Thursday afternoon. One of those people was in critical condition.

Around 12:15 p.m., a Ford Explorer and a Dodge Pickup collided, head-on. The crash happened at FM 2813 and County Road 128 in south Tyler.

Residents who live near that intersection say the scene is all too familiar and a concerned mother wants something done to make the road more safe.

"I've seen at least 10 wrecks here. I can't remember exactly how many. I've helped pull people out of the ditch before. I've had to take care of them until the EMTs arrived," said Beth Short, who could see the wreck from her home.

When Beth saw authorities crowded around another wreck across from her home, she couldn't help but say something about it.

"It breaks my heart. It does, and it's preventable. It's a preventable situation and it just takes somebody taking the initiative that has the power. I don't have the power," she said.

Beth said she has contacted local officials and even discussed starting a petition with her neighbors. She suggests adding flashing lights, warning signs and lowering the speed limit and she isn't the only one familiar with the problem.

"A person will stop here, and the right of way is clear [for a moment], and he'll take off [and someone will almost hit them]. I've seen this several times... just a near accident," said Don McKinney who drove by just moments after the wreck.

Though DPS said Thursday's crash was caused when the white Ford Explorer crossed into oncoming traffic, they too have noticed the increase in wrecks up and down FM 2813

"It's starting to carry quite a bit of traffic with everybody starting to move to the outskirts. There's been a lot of movement out here so we work this road quite a bit out here, too," said DPS Trooper Chad Skidmore.

"My son is 16 and I wouldn't want any 16-year-old coming to this spot right here. We've asked him to drive around this spot because we think it's so dangerous. I'm hoping that somebody will finally take a look at this," said Beth.

DPS identified the drivers in Thursday's wreck as 43-year-old Scott Pope of Hawkins and 29-year-old Omar Saucedo of Tyler. Saucedo's injuries are critical. Their passengers had what authorities called "non-incapacitating injuries."

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