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Local student invents first phone breathalyzer


People do it every day.

They drink, and then they drive. If they've had too much, the combination can be incredibly dangerous. But, by law, you can consume alcohol in moderation before getting behind the wheel.

Problem is - it's getting more difficult these days to tell when you've drank more than you should.

"A lot of different brew-houses are brewing beers that have different alcohol contents," Cornelius resident Michelle Furgess told us while lunching at Pinky's on Morehead today. "And so sometimes I worry that if I'm drinking a specialized beer…maybe it has a much higher alcohol content and it'll be like drinking two beers when I'm really just drinking one."

What if there was a way, though, to quickly and easily pinpoint exactly how much alcohol you have in your system? What if there was an app for that? A breathalyzer you could plug right into your phone…

Well, thanks to 24-year-old Ben Biron, now there is.

We first introduced you to Biron last year when, as a student at Wingate University, he was working on the device and program he calls Alcohoot.

"Alcohol affects the judgement center of our brain, so we can't really tell how drunk we are," Biron says. "And it's really easy to convince ourselves that we're good to drive. That's what people do a lot when they go out. This device is here to put the truth in your face."

That device is easily plugged into your iphone or Android headphone jack, and the app it works in conjunction with is free. Biron is launching the sale of his invention – what he says is the world's first smartphone breathalyzer - online tomorrow. The device costs $75.

Check it out at www.alchohoot.com.

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