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PSI Wednesday: For a good cause?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Sometimes a story leads you down a long road with unexpected turns. We followed a box truck on its way out town. On the surface it was hard to figure what it had to do with David Arthur.

"I did crack cocaine and pain pills," said Arthur.

He had a hit a dead end. He was an addict and was headed back to jail.

"I went from a clean record to four or five felonies on my record in a ten year span," said Arthur.

From the depths came a glimmer of light. It came from faith and a rehabilitation home in Shelby called Crossroads.

"I asked God to help me fight this addiction and help take it away," said Arthur. "Not only did I change the addiction, I changed who I was."

Crossroads is now struggling financially. It relies on donations to its thrift store, but lately some of those donations are ending up in donation drop boxes you find scattered around the area. The clothing ends up on a truck headed out of town.

Where is it headed? Who is benefiting?

"People are not investigating," said Arthur.

We are. Don't miss a Problem Solver Investigation, Wednesday night at 11:00 on WBTV News 3.

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