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US Airways mechanics hold an informational picket at the airport


About a half a dozen US Airways mechanics dropped their wrenches and picked up picket signs to petition the company for contract negotiations.

As the sun rose over Charlotte/Douglas International Airport, morning travelers were greeted with more than taxi cab horns and TSA checkpoints.

They were also looking at picketers.

According to the IAM, the union representing 14,000 airline mechanics for US Airways, the employees aren't happy with what they perceive as the airlines refusal to negotiate.

Some of those involved said while the pilots and flight attendants got updated contracts, the mechanics seems to have been pushed aside.

In order to bring them to the table, a half a dozen employees walked the picket line in front of the US Airways check-in counter.

This was an informational picket only, not a work stoppage.  That means there were no flight delays because of the protest.

The union says if the company fails to give it's members new contracts, they won't agree to the upcoming merger between US Airways and American Airlines.

That's something that could make the deal much more difficult to pass.

The workers plan on being there all day Wednesday until 7:30pm.

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