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Airport takeover by state could lead to broken bonds between cities and towns

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Questions over who runs Charlotte Douglas International maybe the issue to break down the walls of trust between Charlotte Mecklenburg and outlying cities and counties.

Lee Myers is the former Matthews Mayor.

"Over 22 years that I served in town government, I saw a lot of trust and a lot of spirit of cooperation, but you take one major thing like this and it can destroy that."

David Howard is a Charlotte City Council Member who heads the Mecklenburg Union Metropolitan Urban Planning Organization, and fears that an airport take over can lead to damaged relationships.

"This one issue is probably going to ruin regional issues going back decades, "Howard said. " This is one issue, and I actually represent the city on mumpo. What this means to me is I'm gonna look at their projects a little different."

Some of the tension is already boiling over, and that was case Monday Night when Shawn Dorsch who heads up the airport advisory committee appeared before the city council.

With the airports future in the hands of the legislature, leaders in local community's feel that state lawmakers may have a role in burning bridges between towns within a region.

Jennie Stultz is the former Gastonia Mayor

She said, "This legislature has chosen to really go after cities. To say cities have too much control and too much power."

In the opinion of former Matthews Mayor Lee Myers, there may be another motive.

"And that may be the goal, to divide and conquer our cities and towns," Myers said.

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