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Let the groceries come to you and save

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If you don't want to do the shopping for dinner, log on to LettuceCarry.com and place your order.  The company is celebrating its first anniversary and is going strong.  "We've made about 5,000 deliveries, and it's time to buy a new truck," said Josh Polak.  Josh is VP of sales and can't get over the response.  But he says when they came up with the idea while living in Cleveland, they knew it would take off.

When I visited his warehouse in Pineville I saw almost every brand you'd find in your local grocer.  But Josh says having industrial space is how they pass on the savings to customers. "Overhead is so low we don't have to have the fancy freezers coolers.  Everything we don't have to light up every single frozen pizza we just have our shelves and things like that and that's how we're able to do it," Polak told me.

The deliver is free as long as you spend $25 or more and place your order the night before.  If you need the food in a hurry, you can pay a delivery charge and have it in two hours. 

They have 15 thousand different items.  They sell wine and beer as well.  But Josh pointed out it's all those display cases, retail real estate the cause prices at your grocery store to go up.  "We don't have to light every pizza."

They accept manufacturer's coupons.  And they have lots of repeat customers.  Like Jennifer McWilliams who is a busy working mother of two.  I asked "Have you noticed that you've saved money by doing this?  You know what I've noticed? it eliminates when I'm at the grocery store. My daughter's always trying to pick things and put them in the cart or the impulse buying where now I order exactly what I need.

Josh jokes that he's grown so close to come customers he even puts away the groceries.


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