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Going green at UNCC

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University of North Carolina Charlotte's football stadium has gone green. It was a thought two years ago. Students saw Ohio State University do it with their stadium, so they wanted to do it too.

"Get people to think about the future and their resources," UNC-Charlotte student Ellen Payne said. "And where things go when you throw them away, instead of just throwing it out of site and they end up somewhere else."

Payne helped start the initiative. Here's how it will work. Fans will use recycle bins to dispose of their waste. The only trash cans in the stadium will be located in bathrooms.

"For things like diapers, other sanitary products." Payne said.

Food vendors are on board with this initiative. They were told to use special paper products to serve food in. The paper and wasted food will go into a bin and will be then shipped to a compost facility and turned into fertilizer.

UNC-Charlotte's Environmental Educator Devin Hatley believes this initiative has a bigger and deeper meaning.

"As our population grows around the world," Hatley said. "We need to think about what we do about our waste. How we use energy - sustainable transportation.'

Students are paying to go green. Money comes out of their tuition to support the Green Fee Fund. Organizers say they are not stopping at the stadium. Other sports and places are being identified.

"Like basketball," Payne said. "Maybe even making some dorms waste free, hopefully it will expand and catch on."

Soon the stadiums will have filling stations so football fans can continue to fill their water bottles with cool water so they can get multiple uses out of them and not easily throw them away.

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