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Perrysburg Police investigating possible stranger danger incident

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Police are investigating a report of a teen-aged girl being approached by an adult male Monday afternoon in Perrysburg.

The incident reportedly occurred at the intersection of Louisiana Avenue and Dr. McAuley's Court. Residents in the area say they were surprised, and that they never have problems in that area.

"I love it. Nothing ever happens around here," said Sheryl Provo. "When I heard this on the news, I was shocked."

The incident was the first time in as many as 10 years that residents say they have heard of any type of incident there.

"Grandparents live here," said Geraldine Shroyer. "And they have their grandkids over, but nothing has ever happened that I know."

Perrysburg Police are investigating the report, but residents say they are keeping an extra eye out, for more than just their neighbors.

"I came running up here to see if I could see anybody that didn't look familiar," Provo said. "I'm going to start watching for the unfamiliar cars that come in here."

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