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Swat teams learning from hunt for Boston Marathon bombers


Watertown, Massachusetts is more than 800 miles away from Gastonia. Nonetheless, the Special Situation Commander at the Gastonia Police Department was watching everything that was happening during the search for the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

"We're interested in the information" says Captain Steve Duncan. What happened? What are they dealing with? What is working for them? What's not."

Captain Duncan oversees the 50-person multi jurisdictional SWAT. He says they "spend a lot of time going over previous incidents, playing through scenarios, what would we do if it happened here. This won't be any different."

For almost 24 hours, television news network have been focused on the Boston suburbs as investigators closed on the bombing suspects.

Captain Duncan says the television has been on in the office and they've been "watching all day - of course we've been watching it the last couple of days as it unfolds."

For Captain Duncan, this case is an opportunity to learn. 

"What if scenarios" the Captain says. "And of course in this particular incident one thing I'm comfortable with is our officers bring their vehicles to take home. Then it allows a lot quicker response time. In an instance like this, officers can leave home - they're equipped and ready to go as soon as they walk out the door." 

The 28-year police veteran says from tactical aspects, there wasn't a lot of information but he understand why investigators weren't saying much because the suspect was on the run.

The captain says when it's over, he expects a brief through normal law enforcement intelligence that will have details.

"Of course then we'll be interested in what they did that worked and what they did that didn't work" he says.

Captain Duncan believes "as tragic as they are, you have to look at them as learning experience. There's nothing we can do about what has happened."

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