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Moving forward: How a local survivor of the Boston bombings is coping


A local survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings is slowly coming to grips with what she witnessed just feet from the finish line Monday.

Demi Clark, a Fort Mill mom of two, told WBTV Friday she's made a conscious decision not to watch much of the coverage dominating every news outlet. Although she's seen the suspects faces -- mostly online -- she refuses to make this about them.

"I just didn't want that harried feeling of like, 'do they have it?' do they not?'," she said. "I just can't follow the every second on the second sort of the last 6 hours. I know a lot of people say that helps them but right now that doesn't help me. It just takes the band aid off the wound."

A wound that only time will heal. In the meantime, Clark is choosing not to let the evil of that day envelope her but rather a spirit of giving.

What good can come of this?," she wondered. "Why was I spared? You know that survivor's guilt or happiness."

So Clark has set her mind on paying it forward. It's her way, she says of taking back control and starting the healing process.

"How can I take that and pay it forward and really bring that message forward, of this can absolutely all be taken from you," she mused. "So that email you got mad about last week from a co-worker or someone cut you off in traffic. Does it really matter?"

What does matter? Paying it forward and knowing she's part of Boston strong.

"Oh, that city is in my heart," she said. "You can't go through something like that and not have a connection."

Clark also says she absolutely plans to run in next year's Boston Marathon.

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