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Brigida's Blog: Setbacks happen. But can you come BACK from them?

There's nothing quite like the feeling that comes over me before I step on the scale for my weekly weigh in. Kinda like the feeling right before you hit that first drop on Thunder Road at Carowinds. At least for me, anyway.
It's why I silently recite to myself, 'peace, happiness and confidence no matter what the circumstance' as I get on the scale.
Perhaps I got a little too used to seeing the numbers go down each week. So you can imagine my surprise Monday morning when I saw I gained two (gasp!) pounds this week. I actually got off, and then got back on again, unable to believe what happened!!
Despite the whopping 31 pounds I've lost since January 15 -- the only thing dominating that moment (and the million that followed) were those friggin' 2 pounds! Given everything I've accomplished --all the pounds and inches lost, the countless times over the past 90-plus days I've adamantly turned down bread, pancakes and my (beloved) chocolate -- all I could think (ok, obsess!) about was a two pound weight gain.
Full disclosure: on midnight of the 91st day, I had some chocolate cake. Not the whole thing, but a few bites. And a glass of champagne. (hey, a girl's gotta have a toast for kicking sugar to the curb for that long!)
Of course-- when trying to understand how I could gain two pounds those few bites of cake and a glass of bubbly are the only things that came back to me. Not water weight, hormonal fluctuations, but that darn cake and champagne. Seriously!
Why is it that we do that to ourselves?
I mean, I was in full on self-beration mode--and on my way to a meltdown--when my boyfriend (so aptly) pointed out, "Brigida, this is where the rubber meets the road."
Meaning, you can say all you want that 'you know you won't lose every week', 'it's all about balance' and 'you will have setbacks.' None of that means jack squat if you can't deal with it when it actually HAPPENS. It's all just lip service.
So -- I had to get a grip, shake it off and say to myself -- IT HAPPENS. And every time the nagging thought of those 2 pounds would come back to me, I would mentally picture the "before" Brigida as a reminder of just how far I've come.
Bottom line: there will be setbacks. But I believe a setBACK is nothing more than a setUP for a COMEback. And I didn't come THIS far to just thrown in the towel. As my trainer replied (after hearing my angst-ridden monologue), "you look fantastic -- don't forget that!"
So, whatever the scale has in store for me next week -- bring it!
Editor's Note: Before starting any new health, diet or fitness plan, please consult your physician.
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