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BREAKING NEWS: Boston Globe reporting one bombing suspect in custody, one at large

This is Christine Nelson reporting from the newsroom.

A lot developed overnight while you were sleeping....a lot....

Right now we're trying to pinpoint whether this is all related to the Boston marathon bombing investigation. We are ultimately waiting on a news conference expected early this morning from officials in Massachusetts. Until then, what we know so far could very well change. Here are the details:

*Early this morning an MIT officer responded to a disturbance on campus. He was shot multiple times and died.

*After that multiple agencies (SWAT, Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police) swarmed Watertown. There was a shootout with unknown suspects, explosions were heard and reports of an arrest.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis tweeted this just a few minutes ago: "One suspect dead. One at large. Armed and dangerous. White hat suspect at large."

My producers and I are just waiting for the dots to be connected at this point to see what part of this investigation in fact related to the search for the Boston Marathon bombers.

I have to go to the set. I'll see you on the air with the latest breaking details...


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