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Apples finally in bloom


It is more than a week or two late, but the apple trees in Lincoln County are finally blooming.

A colder than normal March kept the trees from blooming out and farmers say it's a good thing it worked out as it did.

Freezing temperatures at the end of March could have destroyed the crop.

"Everything is late and we are happy this year about it," said Thomas Chavez at Knob Creek Orchards. 

Peaches bloomed just two weeks ago and avoided the worst of the cold weather as well. Even so, growers say there is always concern about the last two weeks of April and the beginning of May.

Some colder has been forecast for the period though temperatures are not expected to be in the range that could cause trouble.

"It has to get down into the 20's before there's real damage," said Alan Davis, of Davis and Son Orchards. 

In 1989, a deep freeze hit on the 5th of May and Davis remembers what happened.

"We had 15 acres of peaches and in that 15 acres we didn't have enough peaches left to make a pie."

Springtime can also bring damaging storms with hail and strong winds.

Farmers will continue to work as if nothing will happen to the crop and hope it does turn out well this year. Most say the point where they will rest easier will be Mother's day.

"After that, we say good to go," said Davis.                             

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