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Job search tips for working moms

Much has been made of the impact the recession seems to have had on men. In fact, some called it the "great man-cession." But a new study finds married moms may be suffering the most!

The study, from the American Sociological Association, looked at outcomes for laid-off workers in the US. It found that married women with kids spent more time in between jobs than did married dads. And on average, moms lost $175 more per week than did working fathers.

The researchers found that women experienced a real "motherhood penalty." Some employers assume women will miss more work because of sick kids or childcare issues. Those employers were more likely to hire male candidates or single women to fill open positions.

The problem is, this kind of discrimination can be tough to prove.

So what can working moms do? Money Expert Nathan Bachrach says don't volunteer anything about your family in job applications or interviews.

Employers can't ask if you have any kids. They can't ask who's going to care for the kids if they happen to get sick, and it's none of their business whether you're planning to have more kids or not!

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