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Local Runner is connected by two tragedies


Boston was on the brain and in the hearts and souls of members from one local running group.

A colorful sign that said Charlotte Runners Love Boston is more than 10 feet wide, and was created by the students at Phillip O. Berry High.

Enter into the photo op Amanda Jacob.

She completed Monday's big race 20 minutes before the madness began.

"Not until this morning was I moved to the fact that the world is not that good, "Jacob said.

She was caught in the middle of a major tragedy, and still coping with another disappointing event very close to her.

On the race course, Amanda Jacob was wrestling with the tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut.

"I wasn't there when it happened, and I just wanted a way that I feel that felt connected from far away."

Amanda who hails from Shelton, Connecticut grew up 15 minutes from Sandy Hook School, where

20 students and six staff members lost their back in December.

She went to Boston to honor one of the victims. 

"This little boy his name is Chase Kowalski. He ran the big boy Triathlons." "Our goal was two thousand six hundred and twenty dollars."

As her fellow runners, pound the pavement across Charlotte. Amamda says this sport and what unfolded in Boston is now offering another inspiring lesson.

"It's not about the run. It's about the marathon of life." 

In honoring Chase, she raised nearly 34 hundred dollars, which exceeded her goal.

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