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Running stores in Charlotte keeping track of Boston developments


Walk into Park Road's Run For Your Life, and scenes from past Boston Marathons are right on the wall.

Word of the afternoons bombing at this business became personal.

At least a dozen local customers who were at this event have ties to the big race.

Texting, watching, and reacting became the methods of coping at places like at Dilworth's Charlotte Running Company.

Mark Carbone is one of the workers there.

"The bomb went off at the four hour mark so a lot of the runners we knew had probably finished and stuff," he said.

Relief perhaps, but the harrowing images still rattle those who are part of the sport.

Scott Dvorak is also employed at the store.

"We've got a lot of friends, a lot of friends of the store. A lot of other store owners around the country that we are still good friends with that are at the event this week,"Dvorak said." The first thing I started doing was calling people that I know who are up there trying to connect with them to make sure that they are all right."

Businesses like this survive on the sales of shoes, food supplements and running supplies.

During trying times, it about the importance of relationships.

Before closing shop, workers at Run For Your Life got a text that's allowing folks here to breathe a little easier.

Brad Poppelle was keeping track of customers in Boston through social media.

"These are people we care a lot about out in a lot of hard work with them a lot of sweat, spend a lot of time with them every day. It's nice to know that they're actually ok," he said.

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