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Gunman opens fire in crowd, one injured


A man was shot after an unknown gunman started shooting at a crowd of people early Monday morning.

"It's the Devil's own."

That's what the niece of the man who was shot said after she had to dive for cover when an unknown gunman started firing into a group of people along Julia Avenue in north Charlotte just after midnight.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said the shooter stood about 40 yards away, pulled his weapon, and began sending rounds toward the group who were outside enjoying the night air.

According to witnesses, the gunman stood on the street, and watched them for about ten minutes before he began shooting. 

The CMPD said the victim was shot once.  The bullet traveled through one leg, and lodged in the other.

He was rushed to Carolinas Medical Center, where police at first thought the victim was in rough shape, but later checks proved that he would recover.

No one else was hit by the seven bullets that were fired.

The gunman ran away, and hasn't been seen since.

Investigators taped off the area, talked to witnesses and collected evidence for hours.

Officers said they don't have a very good description of the gunman, because nobody got a very good look at him.

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