Spring planting tips from Pike Nurseries

Pike Nurseries

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It is the time of year to get outside and start sprucing up your yard.  That could include landscaping or planting a garden.

The staff at Pike Nurseries have years of experience with all types of garden basics, and they share their keys to garden success below:

There are two main things to consider when planting a garden: the soil and the sunlight


  • Nutrient rich, well-draining soil is the basis for creating a healthy garden
  • When planting in the garden, you'll want to amend your soil
    • Amend your soil with 50% Planting Mix and 50% native soil
    • Planting mix is filled with nutrients and will help the soil with water retention
    • The planting mix makes the soil more aerated so that water can seep into the ground and get to the plants' roots


Choose the best plants for your garden and home based upon sun exposure. With a little landscape observation, you can have thriving and robust plants.

    • Determine sunlight by checking out spots in your garden during various times during the day. Observe the amount of sun that each spot receives.
      • Full sun: Location receives 6-8 hours of full sun each day
        • Examples of Full Sun Plants:
          • Vinca
          • Lantana
          • Indian Hawthorne
          • Holly
      • Partial shade: Sun is filtered, usually by leaves and foliage, and peeks through for most of the day
        • Examples of Partial Sun Plants/Partial Shade Plants:
          • Encore Azaleas
          • Petunias
          • Geraniums like the new Calliope
          • Gardenias
          • Boston Ferns
      • Shade: Area receives less than 3 hours of sun and is shady for most of the day
        • Examples of Shade Plants:
          • Azaleas
          • Boston Ferns
          • Hostas
          • Bleeding Hearts
          • Begonias
          • Impatiens

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