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Fight continues to keep Ala. spay/neuter clinics open


The Alabama House of Representatives approved a bill last week that would allow clinics to have the same standards as veterinary clinics, but keep providing spay and neuter services at a low cost.

Spay and neutering at one of these clinics could run you about $50. That's compared to the average cost at a veterinary clinic around $300. But now, one clinic director says a state senator is blocking the bill's progress.

Alabama Animal Alliance Executive Director Dr. Rachel Tears says it's clear.

"It is vitally important to the state of Alabama, to it's residents and its animals that spay and neuter clinics remain open in our state and are able to practice veterinary medicine just like any other vet in the state of Alabama," Dr. Tears said.

She says this spay and neuter bill will allow that to happen.

"It's been a long hard battle and it's very unfortunate because we want to do spay and neuter and that's all we want to do. We have no aspirations to spread out and do full service work, we just want to do spay and neuter to reduce the pet overpopulation problem," Dr. Tears said.

Dr. Tears says Senator Paul Bussman is working to stop the bill from being placed on the Senate health committee agenda.

"Well he is the author of SB25 and SB25 essentially makes it impossible for spay and neuter veterinarians to practice medicine according to the practice act which they are held to and that is why we are so against SB25 and are in favor of HB188," Dr. Tears said.

Dr. Tears is urging people to contact Senator Bussman and urge him to let the bill move forward.

"I can tell you the response to our request in overwhelming. People here in our state see the need for spay neuter, see the need for it to be able to be given at a price that people can afford or willing to pay and so the response has been overwhelming," Dr. Tears said.

Even if the bill never reaches the floor, Dr. Tears says she will continue fighting.

WSFA 12 News reached out to State Senator Paul Bussman via e-mail and phone for comment. So far, our calls or e-mails have not been returned.

Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard and Representative Patricia Todd are the co-sponsors of the bill.

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