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Team No Sugar: Feeling the craving??

So many of you have shared your stories with me this week. I'm in awe of the response, amazed by your courage and humbled by your willingness to open up about something so personal, and in many cases so hurtful.

I get it. I've been there. I'm a recovering emotional eater. I say recovering because I don't think you ever really beat it--you just develop new habits. 

I know what it's like to be afraid to take make such a significant change. To live in fear. But I'm hear to tell you, you CAN do this. Decide that you want it MORE than you're afraid of it!  

For those of you that have already started the challenge -- you made it through week one! The headaches, the hunger, the cravings -- YOU. BEAT. THEM!

If you gave in and made a bad choice, don't beat yourself up. It happens. No need to throw in the towel -- just make a better choice with the next meal, the next snack, the next drink.  

For those of you starting Monday: get rid of the junk food, the sweets, the carbs (the bad ones anyway) and ALL the temptation in your house this weekend. Be DONE with it. Put your family, friends and co-workers on notice.

When it comes to (processed) SUGAR, #TheresNoRoomInTheInn.

The first days will be rough.

You may even feel like you're going through withdrawal, LOL! That's because you will! It's just your body adjusting -- power through.! And ALWAYS have a snack WITH you. Don't try to wing it. When the hunger monster jumps on you and you don't have a healthy choice at the ready -- it can drive you to make a bad choice. Be prepared.  

Alright, #TeamNOSugar -- let's do this!! Remember, NOTHING taste as good as being in the body of your dreams FEELS! Go get 'em!

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