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Vandals ransack Rutherford County vehicles


Some say "51-50" is police code for a disturbed person on the loose, and someone in Rutherford County decided to use those numbers not to alert police but to vandalize several cars, including a county-owned vehicle.

Rutherford County school maintenance workers discovered the vandalism Wednesday morning on vehicles parked in a locked, gated area behind the adult education building, which also houses the district maintenance department.

The crook ransacked several vehicles looking for valuables, along with leaving the spray-painted code.

"Some vehicles had been messed with. One of the vehicles had a tire that had been slashed. One had some paint on it. We believe the person came in around 2:30 in the morning and climbed the fence," said district spokesman James Evans. "We've since turned it over to the police and they are doing investigation."

The area is monitored by surveillance video, and at least one person was captured on camera near the dock area checking for unlocked doors on vehicles.

Police are hoping the video will be enough to identify the suspect and investigators do not believe the vandalism is gang related.

As far as the 51-50 code, Murfreesboro police say that number has no significance in their radio jargon.

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