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Spring maintenance tips to keep mower running all summer


As the days get warmer and longer, lawn care is quickly again becoming part of the weekly routine.

But you don't want to waste your weekend trying to get the mower to start.

That's why your lawn equipment should ready for the battle.

"The key is to do maintenance," said Barry Deal with James River Equipment.

When spring arrives many homeowners find that their lawn mower won't start or runs poorly.

"That gasoline has been sitting in the mower all winter perhaps haven't started it since November then that can create some problems with the carburetor," said Barry.

"One of the things we recommend here is to always use a stabilizer. A stabilizer will basically keep the gasoline from breaking."

Changing filters on your machine will keep it running well for another summer season without having to take the mower to a repair shop.

"You'll have oil filters, fuel filters, and air filters," said Barry.

"Air filters can become clogged and then of course the engine is starving for air."

Remember to stay sharp.

"The work gets done at the mower deck and the blades need to be sharpened on a regular basis," said Barry.

"That also makes the lawn look better but the mower doesn't work as hard when the blades are sharp."

And it might not be the most interesting book on the shelf, but the operator's manual is essential.

"Take the time to read the manual, get familiar with the service intervals, put a book mark on that page if you would so that you can refer to that," said Barry.

"Because that's critical to the longevity of the machine."

The value that you end up receiving from your equipment is going to be directly related to the maintenance that goes into it.

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