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East side stakeholders talk with potential Eastland Mall developers


What is the future of the old Eastland Mall in Charlotte? It is a question many are asking.

The city invited two developers to submit proposals to turn the old mall into a film production studio and mixed use facility. Meantime city leaders want to know how some people in our community want to see the property used.

"They don't want something walled off and closed to the community. They're looking for something that helps drive economic vibrancy, jobs, the tax base and raise property values on the east side," said Peter Zeiler, a Development and Investment Manager with the City of Charlotte.

Today there was another step forward. Key community members who are stakeholders in the future of the east side met with two developers who are finalists for the project.

Ark Ventures developed the NC Music Factory and Studio Charlotte wants to see a film studio and other offices. They were there to listen to concerns about and aspirations for the site.

I'm probably going to be sorry for saying this but I think either one of them would be better than what we have out there now," said east side business owner Billy Maddalon who was encouraged by the conversations during this closed session.

He would like to see both the east and the west sides of Charlotte grow and he knows that will only ensure a stronger Queen City overall.

"The east side is cool, funky, diverse. It is what charlotte will look like in its entirety over the next 20 or 30 years," Maddalon said.

The developers are still working on the details of their proposals, which are due at the end of May. Then the committee will evaluate the plans and make a recommendation of one, both, or none to city council.

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