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Even with warm temps, don't count out winter just yet

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Spring is a time known for big swings in temperatures, and the last few days have been no exception. For the last seven days high temperatures in Charlotte have bounced around between the low 50s to the mid 70s, and this week, we're flirting with the 80° mark. Is it still possible to see one last blast of winter before the pattern begins to even out?


Now that we're coming out of winter, the jet stream is beginning to make its way further North, resulting in warmer air settling in over much of the U.S. However, this is not typically a slow, gradual transition.

This time of year the jet stream begins to wildly meander from North to South, causing large differences over a very short amount of time. The jet stream is the area of fast moving winds separating cold, polar air to the north from the warmer, tropical air to the south. When it drops, so do the temperatures.

While a warmer pattern is expected for the next week, don't count out a few potent cold fronts to make it into the Carolinas later this month. Also remember that Spring usually means higher moisture levels, so a cold snap could even mean snow making another appearance in the forecast. Since records began, the city of Charlotte has seen snow in April six different years.

The latest snowfall the city has seen was April 28 in 1928.

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