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New political action group wants answers from state lawmakers


A new political action group is sounding off in Gaston County.

This group is calling itself People First In Gaston.

High unemployment was one of several issues addressed by this coalition of community organizations in Gaston County.

Gaston County Democratic Party chairman Robert Kellog is concerned that so many manufacturing and textile jobs have left.

"11.1 percent is a very high number. It is higher than the state level, higher than the National Level,"he said.  "We've had a whole industry that's been wiped out by the economy."

Many decaying plants sit empty, and it's not just the job picture that has brings frustration to this group, but who spoke out are expressing disappointment in what they see as acts of voter suppression being carried out by state law makers.

Chris Thomason is with the Gaston County NAACP.

He said, " Any proposed voter ID bill will violate this constitution mandate, and should be deemed a new poll tax."

Concerns were also expressed by city councilman Todd Pierceall who is a self described independent.

Part of his district is the Highland community which is trying to turn the corner against blight and poverty.

He's concerned that a new crop of lawmakers just isn't delivering any of the campaign promises to Gaston County.

 "The promises of jobs. The promises of a better economy. The promises of better education," Pierceall said." I think it's time that we all stand together and demand better from our legislators."

Members of the group are encouraging state Lawmakers to hold a number of town hall meetings, and what the call listening tours.

They feel it's a good first step in bridging what some may see as a communication gap.

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