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Airport proposes to buy neighborhood, residents have mixed emotions


"It's kinda like a dinosaur...or a ride at Carowinds" say Jamarion and Keziah as they play basketball in their southwest Charlotte cul-de-sac.

The noise they're describing, the more than 700 flights that roar overhead on a daily basis from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

"I knew I was moving close to the airport" says Cliffton Perry as he watches his boys play in the drive, "but it changed when they built that new runway."

Perry says the constant buzzing ruins BBQ's and even makes watching the news at night difficult.

Now the airport is proposing to buy the 370 acres and nearly 100 homes at a price tag of around $35 million, according to documents filed with the city of Charlotte.

The airport says because of their rapid growth and expansion they need to acquire the land. 

They will take the proposal before the city council later this month.

Perry says the news comes with mixed emotions.

He's tired of the constant noise but hates to leave a home he built 16 years ago on Snow Ridge Lane.

"I'm trying to absorb the prospect of doing it, but it's coming up real soon from what I understand."

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