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Are your private accounts at risk?


From the Bush family, to Burger King.  The Vice President and First Lady, to Colin Powell, hackers are targeting some high-profile people and companies.

Personal emails and pictures have been posted, Twitter and Facebook accounts hacked, and even private financial information has been leaked to the public.

WBTV's cyber expert, Theresa Payton, is with us tonight with some tips on how to avoid being the next victim:


Although none of these methods will 100% guarantee a hacker will get in, these will help

1.  A different password and strong password for every account

2.  Have more than 1 email address that you use to separate your social media accounts from your home email and from your online purchases

3.  Wherever available, use 2nd factor authentication which means you only access the service from a trusted computer or by typing in a code sent to your mobile phone

4.  Think twice before linking accounts

5.  Click with care so you don't infect your computer or get your account taken over.

6.  Never click on links in emails that tell you to change your social media network's password.


If your Facebook account is hacked, click here. 

Strong Password Tips:

1.  Create a phrase and choose the first letters of each word; use upper and lower case

2.  Use special characters and numbers to replace letters

3.  Make up a different phrase and password for each site


I use Facebook to keep up with my kids.

Step 1:  The first letters:  IuFtkuwmk

Step 2:  The replacement of letters with numbers and characters:


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