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Swap art for art exhibit at UNC Charlotte


Tucked inside a UNC Charlotte campus gallery is an art lover's dream.

Especially for those up and coming collectors who can't afford to buy new pieces.

"You're not just a participant; you're an artist as well," said Bachelor of Fine Arts Art Major at UNCC Michael Haag.

"You trade something you become part of it," he said.

It's kind of a thrift shop. But it doesn't look like any thrift shop you've ever been in.

"My class of instillation art students tried to figure out what we could do that would be low budget first of all and engage the community in a way that was sort of different," said Assoc Professor of Art at UNCC Mary Tuma.

And the items up for grabs are free in a sense.

"You have to trade something for it," said Michael.

"Something that is no longer exciting to a person or no longer useful could be really great for someone else," added Tuma.

There really aren't limits to what you can swap.

"Other than the social limits which are to say that people will look at you funny if you try to give us a pocket full of lint, but people have," said Michael.

I Like Swap is part of an experimental project put on by the McColl Center and UNCC's Rowe Lower gallery.

"It is a community involvement project and that's what the experience is about will people maintain something beautiful that you built for them," said Michael. 

The finished product will be a slide show of images with every item swapped and the participants.

Every item has its own story to tell. With each photo a new story begins.

"It really is beautiful to watch those images and see all the people and all the swaps that have taken place," said Tuma.

"I Like Swap: Something with a Past," is a new exhibit at the Rowe Lower Gallery at UNC Charlotte, challenges patrons to trade an item of their own with something from the collection on display.

The gallery is in UNC Charlotte's Rowe Arts Building, 9201 University City Blvd., Charlotte.

You can see the exhibit 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Mondays-Fridays through April 3.

The official rules, courtesy of McColl Center resident artist Erin V. Sotak and UNC Charlotte art students: Definition of swap: to give in trade.

*Carry the object you want to trade with you until you are ready to swap.

*Wander until you find a treasure.

*Take both objects to the gallery attendant.

*Say "I like swap" and smile really big for the camera.

*Tell a friend and swap again.

For information, visit www.coaa.uncc.edu/events-exhibitions/venues-and-galleries/rowe-arts-gallery.

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