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Family of teen accused of murdering his step-brother insist he's innocent

Susan Stonburner Susan Stonburner
Josh Young (left) and Josh Gouker (right) Josh Young (left) and Josh Gouker (right)
Trey Zwicker Trey Zwicker

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – It has been almost two years since a Louisville teen was arrested and accused of killing his 14-year-old step-brother.

On Tuesday, supporters of Josh Young took to the streets in hopes of speeding up the trial process. His father, Joshua Gouker, is also behind bars charged with the same crime. 

Last week a judge decided the earliest Young and Gouker would be tried for Trey Zwicker's murder is July. It was news that did not sit well with Young's family and friends who continue to believe in his innocence.

Young has celebrated his 16th and 17th birthday in custody charged with the beating and stabbing death of his Zwicker.  

"We are being as patient as possible with our justice system, but Friday, extending this case even further three months, we are seeing him lose hope and that's very, very hard to watch," said Susan Stonburner, Young's foster mother. 

Zwicker's body was found behind Liberty High School in May 2011. Young was the first arrested for the crime, followed by his father, Gouker.
Stonburner believes Young had nothing to do with the murder. Family members think Gouker was behind it all.

"He wrote me a letter the very first week and he said, 'Aunt Linda, I swear to you, I have nothing to do with this, this is my father just trying to protect himself'," said Linda Lanham, Young's aunt. 

Even Gouker's own mother has pointed the finger at her son. Stonburner said if there is evidence that proves her foster son did this she has not seen it. 

"We are waiting to see some evidence that would make us sure of that," said Stonburner. "We 100 percent believe in his innocence, we feel like people who are involved in the case know that he is innocent, but are afraid to speak up."

Investigators have always stood by the arrest of the then 15-year-old. During police interviews, even though, Young's story changed, he has never told investigators he had something to do with Zwicker's murder.
His family and friends hope someday Young will be set free. 

Young and Gouker will be tried together, something Young's family does not agree with, but the prosecutor in the case says the jury needs the full picture of what happened when Zwicker was killed.

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