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Harrisburg 911 call: "There's a man in the backyard with a gun"


The family of a Harrisburg man who was gunned down in his backyard released a public statement Thursday morning.

In the statement the family seeks to quell speculation about what led to the shooting and to explain the relationship between Kirchner and the shooter.

"Dan Kirchner was a friend to all in the community of Windsor Forest where he along
with Gary Stocks were some of the only people who interacted with the shooter.," according to the statement. "Many have suspected the shooter was angry about a landscaping project, but we want to make it clear in no uncertain terms that simply is not the case. The (3) men were in one accord in the matter and the shooter, took advantage of the work the HOA was having
done to get work done on his property at a greatly reduce rate."

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Investigators in Cabarrus County released the 911 call audio on Tuesday from Friday's deadly shooting in a Harrisburg neighborhood.

The 911 call comes in from the 7700 block of Coachman Court in Harrisburg.

The voice is the wife of 42-year-old Daniel Thomas Kirchner and she's just witnessed her neighbor, 50-year-old Anthony Charles Hardy, shoot her husband in the family's backyard.

"I need the police there's been gunshots," the woman says on the phone. "My neighbor has a gun and he is shooting in my backyard."

Mrs. Kirchner can be heard asking her daughter if she sees her daddy.

Moments later, "He's down! He's down!" Kirchner screams over the phone to emergency services.

"Who's down?" the dispatcher asks.

"My husband I think," Kirchner says.

Kirchner says she wants to go outside and check on her husband.

The dispatcher talks her out of it, noting the shooter is still out there.

After several moments, Kirchner is able to get outside to where her husband is lying.

She finds him with a bullet wound to the stomach.

"Oh my God he's dead," she tells the dispatcher. "He's not breathing."

The dispatcher then asks if Kirchner can move her husband to safety so she can start CPR on him.

Kirchner doesn't know CPR but starts chest compressions after the dispatcher instructs her how.

"He's dead, he's been dead too long," she tells the dispatcher.

Kirchner says her husband was working out in the backyard when he was shot.

The shooter is still nowhere in sight.

She keeps her children hidden inside the home until emergency crews arrive on scene.

As soon as she spots a law enforcement officer, Kirchner screams, "Help! Help!"

She immediately tells officer she doesn't know where the shooter went.

As the call trails off, crews can be heard assessing her husband and Kirchner saying, "He's dead" before the call ends.

When it was over, three people lost their lives.

Kirchner's husband, 64-year-old Gary Wade Stocks, and the shooter, 50-year-old Anthony Charles Hardy.

Hardy had taken his own life in his home where he had barricaded himself.

Search warrants returned in Cabarrus County Court Tuesday revealed eight guns, bullets, casings, cell phone, ball cap and sunglasses were all taken as evidence in the investigation.

The guns included a semi-automatic rifle and two semi-automatic pistols.

In 2004 Hardy was convicted of misdemeanor assault on another neighbor. In 2005 the Sheriff's office gave him approval for a permit to purchase a handgun.

"He can possess the weapons and he can still be eligible to get a permit to purchase another handgun which he did in 2005 based on discretion of Sheriff and as far as we know that is the one and only hand gun permit he'd ever gotten from Cabarrus County", says Chief Deputy Paul Hunt.

Hunt says investigators still don't know why Hardy killed his neighbors.

"Not really sure if anything could have prevented this. He had the means to do the crime he committed. As far as we know right now he was legally able to possess weapons" says the Chief Deputy.

The shooting remains under investigation. Detectives say they're waiting to hear from the Medical Examiner who will determine what weapon was used in the shooting.

"This was a tragic and senseless shooting, " said Cabarrus County Sheriff Riley. "It is very sad to see innocent victim's lives taken away. My heart goes out to the families involved, and we are very lucky that officers and others in the neighborhood were not seriously injured."

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