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See, Click, Fix: Complicated gov't rules puts cleanup on hold


The problem was easy to spot in this Mecklenburg County neighborhood. It's the only house out of the few on Clay Bank Drive that has an unsightly mess in the front yard.

The viewer who brought this to our attention said the mattresses, and what may be other household items, have been there the better part of a year.

Surely this is some sort of code enforcement violation. But not so thanks the complicated rules of both the town of Mint Hill and Mecklenburg County.

Because of the house's rural location near Mint Hill in Mecklenburg County, we're running into what's called "extra-territorial jurisdiction."

Talk to Mint Hill's code enforcer Margie Nichols she claims they don't have jurisdiction over the property to get this cleaned up.

Talk to Mecklenburg County, officials say this is Mint Hill's jurisdiction. Even though Mecklenburg County enforces Mint Hill's nuisance order in this neighborhood, it only covers violations to the dwelling not a messy yard.

What can one make of all this red tape?

WBTV's Christine Nelson emailed the neighborhood's County representative Commissioner Bill James who responded saying: "I am going to forward this (inquiry) to County management and the County Attorney to see if we can get clarity on who is responsible."

While we wait for county officials to mull over this for a response, there is some hope for a solution.

An official with the Mecklenburg County Solid Waste department has begun making efforts to track this homeowner down.

They feel the homeowner may not realize what's going on and once notified may take care of the problem right away.

We were promised to be contacted if that happens.

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