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Moviegoer upset at AMC's response after man pees during film


A man and woman watching a movie Sunday night were outraged when they said a man stood up and urinated.

They said what made matters worse was AMC's lack of response to the outrageous act. This is the second lewd act committed by a patron at the Leawood theater in less than a year.

On Sunday night, Angelina Aviles and a friend were watching Tyler Perry's Temptation at the AMC Town Center 20.

"We were about 30 minutes into the movie and a man started urinating all over the aisle and the seats," Aviles recalled.

The stench was so bad that some began to leave. Aviles' friend went outside to alert a theater employee.

Ultimately, the two said it took 45 minutes for any AMC employee to come in and clean up the bodily fluid.

Eventually, the couple also left the showing because of the gag-inducing smell.

"You could smell the urine. He was very intoxicated. He could barely walk," Aviles said.

As she was leaving the theater, she saw police talking to the man. Aviles said police told her that AMC didn't want to press charges because they were concerned about negative publicity.

Aviles said that has outraged her, and she agreed to file charges. Leawood police mailed the suspect a municipal summons for public urination. If convicted, the man faces a fine of up to $500.

Police confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the man cited is Samuel Wanjuri, 26, of Overland Park.

Last summer, a moviegoer was horrified and angry when she caught a man snapping pictures of her inside the women's bathroom at the same theater.

Police searched extensively for the man but couldn't locate him that night. He was found the next day hiding in the movie theater's ceiling.

After the man urinated over the weekend, Aviles said she asked for a refund or a ticket to see another showing of Temptation, but her request was denied.

"We love going to movies, but I don't think we'll come back here," she said.

AMC did not respond Monday for hours to repeated telephone calls and emails from KCTV5. Apologizing for the delay, the movie company issued a statement just before 7 p.m. Monday.

"Last night, a guest urinated at the top of the stairs in a Town Center 20 auditorium. Once notified, AMC associates responded immediately to assess the situation and notify police. The guest was removed from the auditorium. For the safety of all our guests, the auditorium was closed and the area was professionally cleaned. As guests exited the auditorium, we apologized for the unfortunate incident, as we always want our guests to have a great time at our theatres, and we offered all guests passes; no guest was refused. Today we've been in contact with one guest who did not receive compensation last night and we have offered him passes with our apologies. We are happy to do the same for any guests who did not receive passes or a refund last night."

Aviles' friend posted Monday evening that AMC finally offered the couple a refund on Monday, which they accepted. Neither plans to return to the theater.

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