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Report: High school teen arrested for bullying classmate


A Clover High School student was arrested after bullying a fellow student, according to a report from the York County Sheriff's Office.

The incident was reported on Monday, March 25, by school administrators, who notified the Sheriff's Office of an ongoing bullying incident.

School Principal Nicole Thompson told deputies she was notified by several students in a class that a 14-year-old-student was being repeatedly bullied by another, also 14. The students said the victim's lunch box had been knocked off his desk or hidden from him daily, even thrown at him on one occasion, and that demeaning and demoralizing things were being said to him in front of the class, the report states.

Deputies spoke with the victim who at first wouldn't admit he had been bullied. Finally, deputies said, he admitted he had been victimized over nine weeks of class. He told deputies his lunch box had been routinely knocked off his desk and hidden, and that the suspect made comments of a demoralizing nature, including sexual innuendos, and jokes involving the type of video games he plays.

Deputies said the victim was "visibly upset and nervous to implicate anyone in doing something wrong."

The suspect was then brought in, and deputies were told that this was the third documented case he had involving bullying this school year. The two previous times involved a male student in November, and a female student in January.

The student admitted to the charges, and stated "he did not think anything was wrong with it due to it being a different person than the other two." He also admitted to doing it in front of the class in an effort to "fit in."

The suspect was placed under arrest, and his parents were brought in and brought up to speed. They then told deputies that the boy also "bullies" his younger brother, and that it had gotten so bad that younger sibling had "shut down." They added that the family therapist had even recommended separating the boys, the report states.

Due to the suspect's age, he was petitioned to family court under a harassment/bullying charge.

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