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Bakery makes controversial "equality cupcakes"

Photo courtesy Cupcrazed Photo courtesy Cupcrazed

A local bakery is taking a controversial stand on equality.

Cupcrazed Cupcake Bar in Fort Mill made a big splash when it won the Food Network's Cupcake Wars.

Now, the bakery is selling special equality cupcakes. They are decorated with the red and white equal signs that have popped up in profile pictures across social media.

The equal sign is a show of support for marriage equality as the Supreme Court considers same-sex marriage.

Social media response to the equality cupcakes has been mixed.

Some users are applauding the move and thanking the bakery for its support.

Facebook user Rachel says, "If it weren't Passover right now, I'd drive down today & buy a dozen!"

Dina says, "You all are the best! Love these."

Robert: "Yum. They are better than usual. Is that cuz there's some sweet victory in this batch?"

Others are calling the company names and still others are vowing not to patronize the bakery again.

Facebook user George says, "You are an idiot, you don't mix business with politics. No matter what your opinions are."

Steve says, "I won't shop at your store anymore because of this particular designed cupcake…"

Michelle says, "Hope you have that cocky attitude when your doors are closing as you did on the news tonight!!...Wasn't a smart business move!"

Cupcrazed has responded to some of the comments, saying "We're for equal rights! Equal amount of love goes into each and every cupcake we make!"

On another picture of the controversial cupcakes, Cupcrazed responded, "We can make cupcakes with whatever you would like – we are doing plenty of crosses this weekend! Jesus lovers love gays, too. I would know. I'm allowed to pray where I want, marry who I want, and vote for whomever I want – just like everyone else should be able to. I don't believe "equality" is a mistake, either. So there's that."

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