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Gun control supporters take to the steps of the Government Center


At uptown's government center, gun control was a front burner issue, and roughly a dozen protestors showed up.

Cell phones pressed against the ears of these protestors provided a moment of symbolism.

The calls were being made to Senator Kay Hagan in an attempt to get her to take a stand on the issue of gun control.

Background checks are very high on the list of these demonstrators who are part of a group that calls itself Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

They also are asking for a ban on assault weapons.

Reverend Dwayne Walker of Little Rock AME Zion Church supports a proposed ban.

"My concern is for the assault weapons that seem to get in the hands of just about anyone, and unless we get something done it may get even more ridiculous, "he said.

As protestors stated their case, cash registers were singing at Hyatt's Gun Shop.

Larry Hyatt has said he supports back ground checks, and believes our state's democratic senator may face a backlash from firearms enthusiasts.

"Senator Hagan is gonna have a problem, "Hyatt said. "North Carolina has gone conservative.

However, a new round of television commercials is suggesting that Hagan takes a stand on the gun issue.

Hyatt believes the second amendment will be a driving force in next year's midterm political contests.

"We think it's gonna be a pro gun election, because they're gonna turn out."

Back on the steps of the government center, protestors want action from both sides of the aisle.

Reverend Nancy Ellet Allison would like to see a bipartisan solution.

She said, "I think both of our senators should act on this legislation. I think both of them should be responsible."

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