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Controversial amended 'bathroom bill' passes committee


Despite 20 speakers against it, Senate Bill 1045 passed through the House Appropriations Committee Wednesday evening.

The bill would allow any business the right to prevent someone from using a restroom, bathroom, changing room or area where there is already an expectation of privacy without fear of being sued.

"My bill is not about depriving somebody of civil rights," said the bill's sponsor, Representative John Kavanagh.

"My bill is about restoring civility in public baths, public showers, public dressing rooms," he continued.

Over the span of more than two hours, most speakers, many of whom are members of the transgender community, spoke out against the bill.

"We are a threat to no one," said one transwoman.

"When we allocate the right to individuals and business to police private areas with the blessing of the state by writing it into law, we create a culture and send a message that violence against our bodies is acceptable," stated one transman.

The bill passed 7-4. It now heads to the Arizona House of Representatives for a full vote.

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