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Charlotte neighborhood worried nearby club brings violence

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A west Charlotte neighborhood is fed up with a nearby nightclub and worried its bringing violence into their neighborhood.

Phyllis Davie-Mack, has lived in Wesley Heights for more than a decade and said, "you can hear gunfire at night. I haven't heard that since 2002."

She's seen the community make great strides since then and is worried nearby night club 9-3-5 could undo all their hard work.

"I can deal with the music but when the violence started I can't deal with that," said Davie-Mack. 

That violence Davie- Mack is referring to? A deadly shooting there in February, and then, just last weekend -- a woman shot outside the club.

"Then this past Friday, I was like what are we gonna do about this," she recalled.

The first step: a standing room only meeting with CMPD Tuesday night, full of frustrated neighbors looking for answers.

Police told the sometimes-heated crowd the club's owner is increasing its number of off duty officers and will also be subject to regular ABC inspections.

That's exactly what Kristian Kellogg, another homeowner wanted to hear.

"When you hear some of the things like what we heard this weekend; 15 to 20 gunshots going off," he remembered. "If you've got young children, or a young family in the neighborhood you're worried about the safety of them for sure."

But more than safety Kellogg questions what kind of neighbor the club will be in the long run.

"A lot more awareness of what's going on there this weekend and each weekend when there's a lot of traffic and then find out long term if they're even going to be a viable neighbor for us or if there needs to be a change," he said.

Many neighbors want the club shut down but CMPD told them it doesn't have the power to do that. You can file a nuisance complaint with the city, but the crime and issues with the business have to reach a certain threshold first. Club 935 has not hit that threshold, police said.

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