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When will new schools come to the inner city?


Some Charlotte-Mecklenburg school parents say it's time for the district to build new schools in the inner city. They say if the suburbs can get new schools, why can't schools in the minority communities.

Parents say those newly created K-8 school are now running out of space.

"You close all the schools down in the inner city," CMS Parent Janell Chisholm said. "And put them all in one. You tell me that's the best use of resources - then they ask why our children are not on grade level because you are still giving them the leftovers."

Several schools in the suburbs are being built while there's no word of new schools coming to the inner city.

"You want your side of town to be equal to all parts," CMS grandparent Tamica Poole said.  "So of course we have issues of them spending money in other parts of town and not here."

CMS wouldn't comment on this matter but the school board will be discussing its 10 year Capital Improvement Plan at its Tuesday night meeting.  Many hope the plan will include some new schools in the inner city.

"They are a little late," Chisholm said. "But we'll take it, if that's all we are going to get."

The K-8 schools now have mobiles to accommodate all the students.  Civic leaders say they warned CMS this could happen.

"We addressed that issue," Mecklenburg county NAACP President Rev. Kojo Nantambu said. "We addressed the fact that it was going to be overcrowded. We addressed the fact that we needed those inner city schools."

CMS says it closed those schools to save money.

WBTV will keep you posted on the district's 10-year building plan.

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