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"An Evening of Believing" prom for youth with cancer

I've never seen an organization quite like The Sandbox before!  They live by the motto "Locking arms to support children with cancer". 

That support comes in many forms.  They are there mowing the lawn when both parents are working or tending a child's intense treatment schedule. 

They are making sure there is something in the fridge to eat, or gas in the car. 

They do this with love and a deep compassion and celebration for the precious lives touched by an ugly disease. 

One of the signature events for The Sandbox is "An Evening of Believing."  It's prom night for kids who might otherwise not make it to their own school proms. 

Some are unable to go because their disease has made them too weak, or there is concern they might be at risk for illnesses. 

Mobile viewers: Watch the video here

There are many reasons for the prom but there are no words to truly describe what it means to these young men and women, and their parents. 

This video was produced to try and show the sheer joy and love this event brings to everyone involved. 

For one night, actually for several hours of a day, the guests of the prom can stop thinking about their next chemo treatment, they don't have to worry about explaining why they wear a wig, for this night they get to be just like any other teenager. 

They can dance, and giggle and even feel like movie stars. 

You'll see what I mean.   

Take a few minutes to watch this video.  It's beautifully produced and inspiring.  You'll probably shed a tear or two, so get the tissue ready.  And open your heart to the possibility that you might be of help to The Sandbox in some way. 

I know I can't wait for Prom 2013!!

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