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Woman says car was stolen then sold for scrap


A Gaston County woman says she wants restitution, after her car was stolen and sold for scrap metal.

Cinda Fussell says she was on her way to Charlotte early in the morning for an appointment, when her pickup truck began having problems on Interstate 85.

"Something happened to the truck, either the clutch or transmission. It would not go in gear," she said.

Fussell says she called a tow truck, but left a few minutes before the tow truck arrived, because she had to take her fiancé to work. When the tow truck pulled up to the scene, Fussell's truck was gone.

"I was mad and if I could have gotten my hands on them I would have," Fussell's fiance, Scott Smith said.

Police say two men scraped the car at Gilbert Iron and Steel on North Tryon Street in Charlotte. Officers questioned them, but as of Friday evening, no one had been charged. Fussell says she called several scrap yards in Charlotte before finding the right one.

"As soon as it came out our attention that it had been a stolen vehicle, we called (detectives)," said scrap yard owner Steve Gilbert.

Gilbert says he's cooperated with police since he learned Fussell's truck was stolen. Authorities say North Carolina law allows scrap yards to junk vehicles without a title if the vehicles are over ten years old.

"The people doing this are putting money in their pockets at the expense of us," Fussell said.

Gilbert tells WBTV that he keeps meticulous records of who comes in and out of his lot, and will continue to work with police on this specific case.

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