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CMS working with area churches to help students succeed


Charlotte Mecklenburg school district officials believe students are our most sacred obligation, that's why the district is depending on churches to give students what they need to survive.

Friday the district held a faith summit at University City United Methodist Church.  The mission was to connect churches of different faiths with schools that have little to no support.

"We want all of our schools to feel connected," Assistant Superintendent of Community Partnerships and Family Engagement LaTarzja Henry said. "And we want this community to know they are welcomed and help us meet the need of all of our students."

Several church leaders showed up to find out how they could help.

"I think the school has limited resources," Outpouring Church Pastor Gaston Dugon said. "And limited people in terms of trying to touch every child and maybe there are a lot of things they want to do they can't do, as a church we can plug in some of those holes."

CMS is doing something different this time around when connecting churches to schools.  The district provided churches with specific needs individual schools have. 

"And that as a first step," Henry said. "Will work in helping us get the right partners into our schools so everyone is clear about what success looks like."

Some schools are in need of lunch buddies, reading partners, technology and how to battle mental health issues.  Officials say students are thinking about committing suicide because of bullying.  Churches are ready to help in that area.

"Let them know that things can get better,"  Dugon said. "And challenge them to look at the bright side, the positive side. Things are going to work out."

CMS will start partnering churches starting in April.

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