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Traffic circle backup causes headache for drivers


It's a morning ritual for so many people.

They swing by the Starbucks for a cup of joe to get their day started.

At one drive-up location in Ballantyne, the long line of coffee lovers is causing a major traffic backup.

"It's dangerous, every day," said one driver we spoke with.

We're talking about Conlan Circle, it connects two ends of John J. Delaney Drive between Johnston Road and Ballantyne Commons Parkway.

"The circle is the only way to get to the bank or the CVS and if I can't get through the circle because of the drive-through line, then I can't get to those businessess," another driver stuck in the backup said.

However, more than a hassle, some worry the backup may be the cause of an accident waiting to happen.

Cliff Helnor lives nearby and walks through the area. 

"People drive up on the sidewalk, they drive around the wrong way and you hear horns blowing all the time, " Helnor said.

Impatient drivers who refuse to wait their turn are causing a concern.

"I tried to do the right thing and wait but then a woman cut me off," said driver Jessica Moss.

We contacted the Bissell Corporation which owns the property to see if there is a solution in the works, and the good news for drivers is that there is.

Clifton Coble, President of Bissell Development, send us the following statement: 

"We are hoping to move forward later this year on the John J. Delaney/Brixham Hill Avenue phase of our planned road improvements, which will help improve traffic flow and safety on Conlan Circle. It is best to do this type of work in the winter months, as it is a complicated project that involves our core irrigation network and underground communication systems that affect over 100 local businesses and hotels.  We are working with the city and hope to get this work complete as soon as possible."

Click here to see Bissell's plans for changes to the roadways in that area.

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