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Blind dog has his own "seeing eye dog"


A unique pair of dogs is making headlines after they were found on the street, homeless and inseparable.

A stray husky, Isaac, and a Chihuahua/terrier mix, Isabella, are best friends who do everything together.

Isaac is blind — and Isabella is his guide dog.

According to CBS station KCAL, the pair was found together roaming the streets of San Bernardino.

The STAND Foundation, which rescues neglected pets, provides food and aid to pets belonging to homeless people and helps abused guard dogs, wanted to adopt the pair... together.

"They're the dynamic duo. They're a bonded pair. They're inseparable," Fred Kaplan told KCAL. "They want to stay close together all the time."

To contact, donate, foster or adopt the dogs, which are currently being housed at the Hermosa Animal Hospital, or other adoptable pets, write to:

The STAND Foundation
PO Box 5921
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413


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