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Bobcats donate to local schools to help pay for college


The Charlotte Bobcats and Fox Sports South donated $200,000 to the YMCA program called Y Achievers on Thursday.

That's a program geared to help students succeed in school and to pursue a post secondary education.  Students say participating in the program has kept them of the right road to academic achievement and excited about their future.  The groups also handed out three individual college scholarships.  Michael Jordan says he gets satisfied when he gives back to a community that has given back to him.   Jordan was a member of YMCA when he was a child.

"Be it I am the owner of the Bobcats," Jordan said. "It's been so many people who have supported me through my whole career from North Carolina, 'cause I grew up here, so I feel compelled to be able to come back and make a big difference."

Jordan says community service was lagging when he took over and now he wants to change that.

"Over the last 2-3 years," Jordan said. "We have kind of rev'd it up a little bit to give back to the community because I felt like the integration between us and the community was not strong and I felt like it had to be strong."

Jewel Jefferies like Jordan is making the connection.  She received a $5,000 college scholarship.

"It means I can pursue an education I want to go for," Jefferies said.

Jefferies is a senior at West Charlotte High school.  She is going to college in the fall and says the scholarship was needed and motivates her to succeed.

"When they say hard work pays off," the student said. "It has to be something you want and you have to put your blood sweat and tears into it."

Jordan also paid a visit to West Mecklenburg HS and Vance HS to hand out a $5,000 college scholarships to two students.

The Bobcats owner said he wants to continue this support possibly in a bigger way next year.

"I feel good about it," Jordan said. "We are not trying to put limits on this. We are trying to look for situations in the community where we can make a difference."

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