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Divorced couple arrested after string of apartment burglaries in St. Matthews

Jaclyn Huber Jaclyn Huber
John Burkhart and Jennifer Bolton (Source: LMDC) John Burkhart and Jennifer Bolton (Source: LMDC)
Det. Tony Ford Det. Tony Ford

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Police say a divorced couple is responsible for nearly a dozen apartment burglaries. John Burkhart and Jennifer Bolton were arrested on Tuesday.

Police say the bulk of the break-ins happened in St. Matthews. There are several large apartment complexes close by on Hubbards Lane. Cypress Point, Mallard Crossing, Jamestown, and Waterford were all targeted at least once. Police say they broke into two different apartments in Cypress Point.

"It was just that eery feeling that somebody was in your home," said Jaclyn Huber, one of their victims.

Last Thursday Huber's own safety was called into question. "It kind of felt like they were maybe watching us or knew maybe our schedule," said Huber.

The University of Louisville student was home for spring break when she got a message from her roommate that someone broken into their Cypress Point apartment.

"All of her drawers were pulled out and flipped over and her room was just a disaster," said Huber.

Huber says the main things thieves got away with were jewelry, a TV, and an Xbox.

"Anything they could go turn a quick buck on, either to pawn or sell," said Detective Tony Ford, St. Matthews Police.

Ford says Burkhart and Bolton's crime spree came to a halt on Tuesday after they broke into a Jamestown apartment.

"In fact, it was apartment maintenance crews that made the call on the burglary yesterday that led to their arrest," said Ford.

On a hunch detectives went to a pawn shop they believed the suspects were using and sure enough police say they just sold two laptop computers for $270.

"We were probably time wise, 10 to 15 minutes behind their steps as they were coming from the burglary," said Ford.

They were eventually able to track them down and stop Burkhart and Bolton. Police believe the couple is responsible for five apartment break-ins in St. Matthews and at least three others in Louisville. 

While Huber is expecting to get some jewelry and her XBox back, it's her sense of security she wants the most.  

"It's just that whole feeling at night, you're scared, it happened during the day, so even during the day you don't feel fully safe here," said Huber.

Court records show Burkhart just got out of jail for other burglary charges.

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