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Police test ShotSpotter sensors


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and ShotSpotter technicians are testing and calibrating the new system Wednesday night.

ShotSpotter is a system designed to pick up on gun shots through audio sensors. The sensors pinpoint the location of the gun shots and send that information to the local 911 center. Major Jeff Estes of the CMPD spoke on utilizing ShotSpotter in the future.

"We believe this could be a tool we could use to help fight crime in the area. Once we're past the evaluation stage and make sure everything works like we think it should, we hope to expand the network out further," said Estes.

Estes said that ShotSpotter is usually erected on buildings and "rayed out" through the area. For the testing, officers will shoot rounds into a testing chamber.

"What'll happen is we'll have a vehicle with a container in the back of it. Officers will shoot rounds into the container, from there the system picks it up and the company calibrates their system to ensure that the number of rounds and the sounds, etc., are properly calibrated to know exactly where it took place," said Estes. 

The container is said to be designed specifically to contain the bullets and there will be no danger of any bullets escaping the testing chamber. CMPD officers alerted residents and businesses on Tuesday so no one is alarmed by the testing.

The test is happening at 8 p.m. Wednesday in Uptown Charlotte and the Grier Heights community.

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