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Anonymous donor leaves $5,000 check for woman who needs new home

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Sometimes we take for granted the warm place we lay our heads at night.

But for many people, that warmth of home is not a reality.

The lady in this story hasn't had a warm place to lay her head for a long time, but she hasn't let it make her heart cold.

"I've lived here at least for 50 years."

For 78-year-old Claudia Doster, it is home.

"It's kind of embarrassing, you know for somebody to see it now."

But it hasn't been much of a place to live in a long time. A tree fell through the roof years ago. It went unnoticed by the outside world, but the outside world kept coming in.

There's no running water, very little heat. The damage forced Claudia and her family to move into a small room in the back of what's left of the house.

"This is one of the coldest places I've ever seen in my life."

Longtime friend Joe Pennegar didn't realize things were so bad.

"I had no idea until I drove around by here and got out and saw it."

Claudia is known for helping others. She's worked her whole life and friends say she never asks for help, not even as her home closed in around her.

"Claudia has a heart of gold. She always put everybody first."

But Claudia explained, "I hate to be a bother to anyone."

Joe started sharing her story with others and floated the idea of building Claudia a new house.

And the idea spread. The cause is unifying people from all different walks of life. They're sending cash and checks to help Claudia.

Jean Rollins says the story of a six-year-old boy was especially touching.

"Quinton brought to his grandmother, his money in a little plastic bag and wanted to bring it here and contribute to Claudia's house."

Joe's dream for Claudia is close to being a reality.

A bulldozer has cleared a spot on what will soon be the site of Claudia's new home.

For the first time in a long time Claudia has hope.

"It would mean the world to me. I've been hoping and praying for something, but I couldn't see anything in the future. But I think now it's beginning to change."

So far about half of the $50,000 has been raised for Claudia's House.

On Thursday, an anonymous WBTV viewer donated $5,000, pushing the group to less than $10,000 from their goal.

They hope to start construction in April.

If you would like to help, send donations to:

Union Baptist Association
PO BOX 596
Monroe, NC 28110

Note the contribute is for Claudia's house and you'll receive a receipt for your donation.

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