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Wells Fargo pledges $55 billion to women-owned businesses by 2020


Vicky Mitchener is the proud owner of a residential real estate firm.

"She's a wonderful boss!" gushes one of her employees.

"Do you notice everyone in the office is always smiling?" Mitchener asks.

"She's wonderful," adds another of her realtors.

The country's top small business lender is also a fan. Mitchener's dream of taking her company to the next level is being bank-rolled by Wells Fargo.

March is National Women's History Month. To celebrate, Wells is making a huge pledge: to lend $55 billion to women-owned businesses by the year 2020.

"Just putting our money where our mouth is and really supporting these women," says Business Banking Manager Cameron Uher, adding that she thinks the move will prove mutually beneficial.

"Women make up 30% of the businesses around and they're the fastest growing segment of new businesses," Uher says.

She's been working closely with Mitchener.

"They're always asking us what can we do to help you achieve your goals and help your business in the future," Mitchener says. "And it's been a true partnership. It really has. And I think I'm a testimonial to that."

If you want a slice of the Wells for women commitment, take a cue from Mitchener.

"I think they've got to go in and sit down with the representative in the area of their interest and just be honest with them," she says. "Ask them to treat them in a partnership manner and I feel like Wells Fargo is open to that. Mentoring young women, young companies towards the future."

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