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Local African-American owned school will close due to financial problems

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McKinney Academy in Davidson is one of the few black owned schools in its area.

"We give them every opportunity to be leaders and to be out-front and to have a voice," said Headmistress Andrea McKinney.

The school has been in operation for more than a decade.

"I really liked them," said a fifth grade student.

"I felt very welcomed and I felt very honorable."

"I always loved that everybody feels very welcomed when they begin at McKinney," agreed another student of the school.

But come this May their doors will no longer be open.

"I know that I can't hold on," said Andrea.

She explained it was difficult to continue running her tuition based school.

"With all the different charter schools available and so many choices for the parents so therefore it takes away from our enrollment here."

A notification was sent out to parents and staff earlier this year giving them time to look for work and find a new place to enroll.

"It was very sad because I always thought I'd continue teaching here for a really long time," said second grade teacher Kelly Peters.

For students, the news is bittersweet.

They are excited to meet new kids but there are many things they'll miss.

"To make it like here everybody has to know every single persons first name, last name and middle name and also know which grade in," said a student.

However, like any great educator with experience Andrea was prepared for this change and is now working on a new lesson of sorts.

"We believe that we are going to get the charter so we are excited about that," said Andrea.

Andrea McKinney plans to open a charter school come August 2014.

She wants to provide similar opportunities to her future students and staff as she has at McKinney Academy for the past decade 

Many of the teachers said they hope to come and work for her when the charter opens

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