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OVERNIGHT: Local couple displaced by fire

Hello. It's Monday, March 18. This is Christine Nelson. I went over the rundown with our show producer this morning we have a good bit going to get you caught up on. Some of news happened overnight while you were sleeping. Here is a quick look at what we'll be talking about when you tune in.

LIVE: A Gaston County couple is counting their blessings this morning. They escaped a fire that erupted in their home. Firefighters got to the scene quickly to put out the flames but there was significant damage. Our Cam Man Ron Lee has video from the scene. He'll have a live report on what exactly happened that helped the fire spread.

Also, the celebrations continue one day before Pope Frances' formal installation. He will be meeting with the president of his home country, Argentina. A woman who he has publicly criticized in the past for her support of certain social issues. We'll explain.


*Have you heard about that terrible accident where a plane crashed into three neighborhood homes? Unfortunately two people died.

*There is a major brush fire in Myrtle Beach causing evacuations. We'll have video from that scene too.


I walked in this morning and John Carter already had a highlighted bracket at his desk. March Madness is here folks. We'll tell you when to watch some of our local teams take the court on WBTV.

See you on the air!


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